Aadhaar Kendra: UIDAI has tied up with ISRO, Aadhaar users will get the biggest facility ever

aadhaar kendra bhuvan

Aadhaar Kendra: Aadhar Card is one of the most important documents for the citizens of India. Hence it is very important to keep updated. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the issuing body of Aadhaar card, continues to provide various facilities for the convenience of the people. Recently UIDAI signed an agreement with ISRO. Aadhar users will get the benefit of this directly and can easily locate the Aadhaar center.

UIDAI signs deal with ISRO

UIDAI, the issuing body of Aadhar card, has entered into a deal with ISRO to track the location. After this, you can find out the base center near your home. Let us tell you that after this agreement between ISRO, UIDAI, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, you can easily get information about the nearby Aadhaar center sitting at your home in any area of ​​the country.

Aadhar tweeted the information

Aadhar has tweeted from its official Twitter handle that NRSC, ISRO, and UIDAI have jointly started a Bhuvan Aadhaar portal to get the location of the Aadhar card. There is a total of three features of this portal. Through this portal, you can get information about the Aadhaar center online. Along with this, the way till you reach the Aadhaar center will also be told in the portal. Not only this, but information about the distance will also be given in it.

Know how to get to the Aadhaar Kendra location

  1. To use this portal, first, you have to visit https://bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in/aadhaar/.
  2. After this, you have to click on Center Nearby option to get the information about Aadhaar Center. Here you will get the location of the center.
  3. Another way is to click on the Search by Aadhaar Seva Kendra option. Here the name of the Aadhaar center has to be entered. Then you will get the center information.
  4. Apart from this, you can also get information about the Aadhaar center around you through Search by PIN Code.
  5. The last option is to get the information of all the Aadhaar centers in the state by selecting the State-wise Aadhaar Seva Kendra option.

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