Always Be careful in Car Insurance, otherwise you will be fined

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You must know how important it is to have car insurance to protect the car from any accident or natural calamity. Apart from this, it is mandatory to have car insurance by law. There are many insurance companies in today’s time. Those who do the work of giving insurance. You can take offline or online insurance from any of these.

Apart from this, if you buy a new vehicle, the dealership itself suggests the insurance company for your vehicle. Let us tell you that you should take car insurance not according to the agent but according to yourself. Let us now tell you some such things. Knowing which makes it easier for you to choose car insurance.

1. Know the difference between third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance In third-party insurance, the front person and his vehicle are covered in case of an accident. Whereas you and your vehicle are covered by comprehensive insurance.

2 . Keep information about IDV IDV i.e. Insured Declared Value is related to that amount. Which is given to you in case your car is stolen or damaged. The bigger it is, the better it is for you. But it affects your insurance premium.

3. Know about the premium rate If you take a car insurance policy, then also check its premium rate. Let us tell you that if you take cheap insurance, then you will get fewer facilities in it.

4. Check the CSR CSR means the settlement ratio of the claim tells the company you take insurance from. How many claims he has paid in the last year? If it is in good proportion then you can take the insurance of that company.

5. Compare Insurance Online If you have chosen an insurance policy, then before taking it, you should compare it with other insurance policies. There are many such portals on the Internet today. Where you have a good comparative study of various insurance policies. Here you should compare the premium and IDV etc. of all the insurance policies and only then take the right insurance.

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