Ather 450X can Run Faster in just 3 seconds, Check Price and Features

two Ather 450X electric scooter standing with different colors

After the popularity of Scooty in India and its demand has increased, Ather Energy has launched its popular scooter. This scooter has been named Ather 450X. At the same time, it is pretty strong in its look and mileage. Its price is also significantly lower.

Know about Ather 450X more

If we talk about its features, then the scooter’s digital touchscreen display comes through a 1.3 GHz Snap Dragon processor. Its entire system works for the Android operating system. Also, Bluetooth connectivity has been given in it, which helps you to attend the call while driving on the way, showing the GPS route, etc. Along with this, new features like a digital clock, digital speedometer, and digital odometer have been added. It also comes with a combination of disc brakes, which separates the scooter from all the scooters.

The same Ather 450X electric scooter has a 2.9kWh Indian Oil battery capable of doing 5000 more power. It gets fully charged in 5 hours. On the other hand, when charged, it gives a speed of up to 116 km in 1 hour. Its speed is 80 kilometers per hour.

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