Bank of Baroda Customer: Bank has given big information to all its customers

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Bank of Baroda Customer: Friends, Cyber ​​Fraud seems to be increasing very fast in the country, but friends, it is also an important responsibility of all of us to keep our own bank accounts and bank money safe. So let’s know friends after all that special information has been given by the bank.

Bank of Baroda: Friends, let us inform you that these days cyber fraud is increasing very fast in the country but let us tell you that it is very important for us to secure our bank accounts and money in the bank. Similarly, to alert the customers, Bank of Baroda has alerted all its customers by tweeting how you can save your bank money from fraud. Friends, let us tell you that the Bank of Baroda has asked all its customers to be careful on Cyber ​​Awareness Day.

Bank of Baroda tweeted

Friends, let us tell you that the Bank of Baroda has shared in its official tweet that just as you keep yourself safe from getting wet in the rain, it is also necessary to ensure the security of your bank money.

  • Friends, never click on any unknown UPI link.
  • Never share your OTP, ATM PIN, or UPI PIN with any other person i.e. unknown person.
  • Friends, sometimes tempting offers are seen on social media but do not get caught in such offers.
  • Friends, never give your data to any site, always do your business on a secure site with HTTPS.
  • Never download any applications or attachments or software from unknown and untrusted places.

You can complain by calling this number

Friends, let us tell you that you can register your complaint on this website for assistance related to any cybercrime report. Apart from this, you are also given a number, you can make a complaint by calling 1930 also.

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