You can Change Your Aadhaar Card Photo by Spending Rs 100

aadhaar card photo update

One of our most important documents is the Aadhar card. We require an Aadhar card to open a bank account or participate in any government scheme. Many significant tasks may go undone without an Aadhar card. In addition to our photo, the Aadhar card also has information on our name, address, gender, age, father’s name, fingerprints, and iris. The Aadhar card photo, however, is disliked by most people. You will need to pay 100 rupees if you wish to change the photo on your Aadhar card because you are not happy with it.

Changing Aadhaar Card photo is very easy

Changes to the name, address, and photo on the Aadhar card are possible, according to UIDAI, the governmental agency that issues them. For this reason, you can also easily update the photo on your Aadhar card for a nominal fee of Rs 100. Your Aadhar card’s photo can be changed both online and offline. But in this article, we’ll explain how to change the photo on your Aadhar card offline.

Verify form before changing your Aadhaar Card photo

It would help if you first visited the closest Aadhar centre to change the photo on your Aadhar card. You will receive a rectification form after visiting the Aadhaar centre. Fill out this correction form completely with the information you need to change on your Aadhar card. You must complete a lot more information on the form in addition to this. After completing the form, you can have your counsellor’s office, as well as those of your MLA and MP, verify it. Remember that the photo on your Aadhar card cannot be changed unless a verifier verifies your form.

Aadhaar Card Photo Change Process Takes Few Days

After having it verified, you must return to the Aadhaar centre and present the verified form at the counter. The Aadhaar staff will then call you after receiving your number to take your new photo. Your data will be saved when the photo is taken, and you’ll receive a receipt.

Please keep this receipt at reach since it contains a correction number that will allow you to track the progress of your application for a photo change. You can download a new photo for your Aadhar card, which will be altered a few days after receiving the receipt. Remember that getting a new Aadhar card with a new photo could take up to 90 days.

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