Ferrari Releases Le Mans Hypercar and it looks Lethal Sinister

Ferrari Le mans

Ferrari has shown off its new 499P hypercar, which is made for endurance racing in the hybrid-engined Le Mans Hypercar class (LMH). The racecar has been shown at the Imola track in Italy, and from 2023 on, it will be used in the FIA World Endurance Championship. 
The “499” in the name of the race car Ferrari 499P stands for the size of each cylinder. The letter P stands for “prototype.”

Ferrari Le mans hyper design

Ferrari Le mans
Image Credit: motorsports

The Ferrari 499P prototype is made with a carbon fiber monocoque, and Flavio Manzoni from the Ferrari Styling Centre gave it a sleek, aerodynamic look. Its front fascia is smooth and low to the ground. It has two sharp LED DRLs and a big splitter at the bottom.

The single-seater cockpit of the hypercar has wings on top, and the back has two huge racing wings and a full-width LED light bar on the lower wing. In accordance with the rules.

Ferrari Le mans Engine

Ferrari Le mans
Image Credit: motor1

The LMH rules say that the ICE powertrain can have up to 680PS, which is how much power the Ferrari 499P’s engine is tuned for. It is connected to the back wheels through a sequential gearbox with seven speeds.

The made-for-racing engine helps keep the carbon fiber monocoque of the car together. The ICE engine drives the back wheels, while the front wheels are powered by a 272PS e-motor connected to a 900V battery that is charged by a high-performance regenerative braking system.

Ferrari Le mans upcoming event

Ferrari Le mans
Image Credit: Ferrari

At the upcoming 1,000 Miles of Sebring race, we’ll get to see the Ferrari 499P in action. It will have a yellow-on-red paint job that was inspired by 1970s prototype racers like the 312P. One of the cars will have the number “50” on it to honour the 50 years of prototype racing that Ferrari has been a part of.

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