Government Releases New Road Safety TVC Promoting Six Airbags Starring Akshay Kumar

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Although adding six airbags can increase safety, doing so in the segment of entry-level cars with limited budgets may be challenging.

Although the government’s efforts to increase car safety with six airbags are admirable, it seems that both manufacturers and consumers are opposed. For instance, Maruti had previously asked the government to rethink its decision to make 6-airbags a requirement for all passenger cars.

The main argument against six airbags is that they will increase the price of entry-level smaller cars. Many two-wheeler customers who want to switch to a four-wheeler will no longer be able to purchase these cars.

Six Airbags TV Commercial Ft Akshay Kumar

People on a tight budget are also opposed to the change because it is thought that adding six airbags will increase the price of the vehicles. Before making 6-airbags a requirement for all passenger cars, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MORTH) is probably attempting to gather support.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari shared a TVC with Akshay Kumar that promotes a sense of six airbags as a method to overcome such objections. The newly married couple in the video below changes their vehicle after being made aware of the value of six airbags. The couple’s car, which is not identified in the video, appears to be a Kia Seltos, which in India is now equipped with six airbags as standard.

Draft notification for mandating six airbags for passenger cars was released in January of this year. The proposal states that six airbags will be required for all M1 category vehicles built after October 1, 2022, regardless of variant. It is unclear, nevertheless, if the drafted notification would be enacted in its original form due to objections from several sources.

In response to inquiries on mandating six airbags, Nitin Gadkari said they are trying to make it work. Gadkari stated in the Lok Sabha that the price of a single airbag is Rs 800 and that the government is considering making 6-airbags mandatory. He did not give a precise date for when the draft notification will be put into effect. Due to opposition, the 6-airbag requirement may be delayed or altered to exclude specific vehicle types, such as entry-level hatchbacks.

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As a result of the tragic incident involving Cyrus Mistry, the government will make it compulsory for all passengers to use seat belts. According to the investigation, a seat belt was not being worn by Mistry, who was seated in the back seat. A blunt thorax trauma and various injuries were found in the medical report. Previously, only front-seat occupants were required to use seat belts. According to the new rule, back passengers who are not buckled up would be subject to the same penalties as front passengers.

The government is also considering making seat belt alarms required for passengers in the backseat. Right now, only front passengers are required to wear seat belt alarms. Rear seat belt alarms and fines for seat belt violations can help lower injuries and fatalities. According to data from 2020, people not using seat belts were responsible for almost 15 000 deaths and 39 000 injuries. When these new safety regulations are implemented is still to be determined.

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