Honda Activa Second Hand is Available at just Rs 15,000; Check this Deal Now

Honda Activa Second Hand Three Deals are available; Check Them Out

honda activa second hand deals buy now

Honda Activa Second Hand Deals: The Honda Activa scooter, which has held the top place for several months, is the best-selling model for both its company and the entire nation. Because to its design and mileage, this scooter has established a solid stronghold in the two-wheeler market.

If you purchase a Honda Activa from a showroom, you will have to pay between Rs 72,400 and Rs 75,400. If you do not have the required money, however, you can learn more about the deals available on its used models here and purchase a scooter for under Rs 20,000 in total.

Honda Activa Second Hand Deals Starting from Rs 15,0000 to Rs 27,000

These offers, which are available on the Honda Activa, were obtained from various online sites that sell used vehicles. We are providing you with information about the greatest deals from among those.

On the OLX website, the first bid for the used Honda Activa has been made. The 2014 model is shown here with the Delhi number listed. This scooter is priced at Rs. 15,000, but no deal or plan would be combined with it.

On the DROOM website, the second offer for the used Honda Activa model has been posted. Here is the Activa model for 2015, which has a price of Rs 22,000 stated. You will also receive a payment plan for this scooter.

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The website BIKES4SALE provided the third best offer on a used Honda Activa. Here is a list of the 2016 Honda Activa models with Delhi numbers. The price has been set at Rs 27,000, but you won’t receive any offers or plans to purchase one.

You can choose any of these three options depending on your preference and budget after reviewing the details of these deals that are offered on the used Honda Activa model. However, you should only purchase a used scooter after carefully inspecting its condition, engine, and paperwork; otherwise, you risk losing money.

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