iPhone 11 Second hand Available at just 21,400 Rs Only, Check out Offer

iphone 11
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The iPhone 11 is still one of Apple’s top phones. Even if it’s not the last released iPhone ( the iPhone 11 was released in 2019), it’s still a very good phone. But buying it for the original price would be a waste of money when you can have a new second-hand phone that will have the same effect on your hand and the same performance.

The iPhone 11 is known for its battery, which lasts longer than the previous phone put on the market by Apple, and its image quality. The camera capabilities are incredible, and this phone will help you take the best pictures you have ever taken. The recording is amazing, and there is a new night mode on the phone that allows you to take great pictures even at night.

Many other things have been improved on this phone, like its screen glass or its water resistance. It’s also a fast phone, available in six different colours.

We have selected a few second-hand phones you may like for low prices.

iPhone 11 Second hand offer at Rs 23,500

iphone 11
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Available at Rs 23,500, there is not only one second-hand phone but multiple. They are available in several colours. The biggest advantage of those phones is the warranty provided with them. The seller guarantees the good condition of the phone and good battery health. And you will agree that the battery is one of the main features of a phone, and no one should have to charge their phone in the middle of the day.


If you want more details about those phones, click on the link we provide. The seller resides in Ahmedabad, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, so if you live around or want to have a phone delivered, we recommend contacting the seller.

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iPhone 11 Second Hand Offer at Rs 21,500

iphone 11
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This phone is available at Rs 21,500, and it is only six months old, which is crazy if we look at the difference in price between this and a new phone. The phone’s appearance is red and looks in very good shape. This second-hand phone will make you feel like you are buying a brand-new one. A warranty is provided, and accessories and a bill box are available. The battery health, even after six months, is still 90%.


The phone seller is in Delta I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and if you want, you can get his contact through the following link.

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iPhone Second hand Offer at Rs 21,400

iphone 11
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This iPhone 11 128GB is for sale at Rs 21,400. It’s a good deal if we look at the battery health, for example, which is 99%. The phone is in good condition. It is available in grey, but they also sell many other iPhone-changing models, capacities, and colours.


They are situated in Aananthan Nagar, Asaripallam, Tamil Nadu. They accept Cash On Delivery, and courier charges will be applicable. To get more details, click on the following link.

iPhone 11: Buying Guide

1. Proof of the purchase

The dealer should provide you with a physical or digital copy of the original receipt. The previous owner and warranty status of the ticket may be considered vital information. After receiving the iPhone, check whether the seller’s name or ID matches the receiver and purchase date.

2. IMEI Code

Request that the seller go to Settings > General > About and look up the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to determine if the device specs match those on the verified receipt. Instruct them to dial *#06# to obtain the unique IMEI number.

The IMEI number will then show on the iPhone, which you can compare to the receipt you received from the dealer as proof of purchase. IMEI.info may search for information on a mobile device’s network, country, warranty, operating system, and other parameters.


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