iPhone 12 Second hand Available at just 15,500 Rs Only, Buy NOW

Iphone 12
Image Credit: Olx.in

iPhone 12 Second hand: Finding the ideal deal for used devices is more complicated than just reading the descriptions. Electronics are frequently pricey and need the completion of several checklists before purchasing. These lists double when buying a used iPhone online.

It could feel like playing Russian roulette to purchase used iPhones online. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Before making a purchase, you may verify several things with the dealer.

Be especially cautious before paying the dealer if you’re expecting a great price on a used iPhone. Even though Apple goods may survive for years, many iPhone customers don’t maintain their gadgets with the utmost care or prudence.

You should, wherever possible, choose to buy used gadgets that you have physically examined and tested. This will reduce the possibility of a bait and switch and potential shipping problems.

Let’s start with our list for the second-hand iPhone 12 deals.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Second hand offer at Rs 15,500

Iphone 12
Image Credit: olx.in

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is available by the dealer on “olx.in” website and is providing this iphone at the cheapest wholesale price in the market. We don’t know if there’s any guarantee waranty available on this second hand phone deal.

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The dealer resides in Chandigarh, Lahora. If you’re interested in purchasing this phone and you’re living outside Chandigarh then you can get it delivered by the dealer. We don’t provide any kind of guarantee and nor do we have contact with the dealer

Contact the seller by clicking on the “Contact Seller” option.


Selling Price Rs 15,500
Model iPhone 12 Pro Max
Buy Year
Colour All colours
Location Lahora, Chandigarh

iPhone 12 Second hand Offer at Rs 17,900

iPhone 12
Image credit: olx.in

The second offer comes from “olx.in”, and the seller resides in Chandigarh and wants to sell the iPhone at a wholesale rate of Rs 17,900. The dealer has all the colours available and documents proof.

If you’re considering buying this iPhone, then be aware of scammers and check all the documents and proof, such as the IMEI number, which tells you the information about the iPhone.

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You can get this phone delivered to your doorstep if you order one from the seller. But the delivery charges would be applied to the phone.

To get more details about this phone and contact the dealer, click on the “CONTACT SELLER” option.


Selling Price Rs 17,900
Model iPhone 12
Buy Year
Colour All colours
Location Railway Colony, Chandigarh

iPhone 12 Second hand Offer at Rs 19,500

Iphone 12
Image Credit: Olx.in

This black iPhone 12 is available on the “olx.in” website, and you can get it delivered to your home anywhere in India. According to the market, the dealer provides second-hand, refurbished, and new iPhones for a reasonable price.

You must confirm all the documents, such as proof of purchase, battery health, camera test, speaker test, IMEI number, and port check.

To contact the dealer, click on the “CONTACT SELLER” option.


Selling Price Rs 19,500
Model iPhone 12, 128GB
Buy Year
Colour All Colour
Location Chandigarh


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iPhone 12 Second hand: Buying Guide

1. Purchase proof

Request a physical or digital copy of the original receipt from the vendor. The ticket’s prior owner and warranty status may be seen as valuable information. Check to see if the seller’s name or ID matches the receiver and the purchase date after you have the iPhone receipt.

2. IMEI Number

Ask the vendor to access Settings > General > About and look up the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number to see if the device specifications match those on the certified receipt. Alternatively, instruct them to dial *#06# to get the unique IMEI number.

The IMEI number will then appear on the iPhone, which you can cross-reference with the receipt the vendor gave you as evidence of purchase. Use IMEI.info to look up information on the network, nation, warranty, operating system, and other specifications for mobile devices.

3. Serial Number

Apple assigns serial numbers to all its products and IMEI numbers for warranty verification. Ask the vendor to navigate to Settings > General > About so you can check the iPhone’s serial number.

You can determine information like the location and date of the iPhone’s creation with its serial number.

Note: We don’t have any personal contact with the deals mentioned above. Please contact the respective dealers by clicking on the “Contact Seller” link.


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