Ola S1 MoveOS 3 Update: New Feature Explained


Ola Electric has also shared information about the MoveOS 3 update. The Ola S1 Air is a brand-new version of the S1 that is also the most affordable. Here are all of the promised features that the new software update for the e-scooters brings.

First of all, the imitative motor sounds are the part of this update that makes the most noise. The S1s now have an external motor sound, which is the same thing that the Revolt RV400 has. This sounds like a flying UFO. It might be able to give you something out of this world.

Ola S1 New Features

Ola S1 Air 2 1
Image Credit: Ola

With the latest software update, Ola has finally added hill-hold assist and multi-level regenerative braking V2 to the S1, as well as a vacation mode that saves the battery when the scooter is not being used for a long time.

Other features include proximity unlock (the S1 will open when the rider gets close), key sharing (multiple people can ride the scooter with the digital keys), and Bluetooth calling.

Ola S1 MoveOS 3 update launch date

Ola S1 Air 3 1
Image Credit: Ola eletric

MoveOS 3’s beta testing has already started, and you can sign up to be a part of it. But the update won’t be officially available until the first week of December 2022. Next is the Riding Moods feature, which lets you change the layout and sounds of the e-console. Bolt, Vintage, and Eclipse are the three “Moods” that you can choose from.

Ola S1
Image Credit: ola

With the new update, the e-scooter can also be charged quickly. Ola has said that it has set up 50 of these fast charging stations across the country, so it will be a while before this feature is used on a large scale.

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