Presidential Elections 2022: India’s new president is Droupadi Murmu

Droupadi Murmu india new president

Droupadi Murmu, a member of the NDA, was elected as India’s first tribal president after getting more than 60% of the vote. After three counts, Yashwant Sinha of the opposition acknowledged defeat. On July 25, the President-elect will take an oath.

After three rounds of counting, 64.03 percent of the total vote value went to Droupadi Murmu. Yashwant Sinha received 35.97% of the total. Ms. Murmu won 2,824 votes totaling 4,83,299 for herself. There were 1,877 votes cast for Mr. Sinha, totaling 1,89,876. A value of 5,43,000 is necessary to win.

India President Droupadi Murmu

In order to congratulate Ms. Murmu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, top members of his Cabinet, and BJP leader JP Nadda gave her a visit. All around the nation, parties with sweets and vibrant tribal dances occurred. Ms. Murmu will become India’s first president who was born after Independence at the age of 64.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted congratulating Droupadi Murmu as you can see below:

“I heartily congratulate Srimati Droupadi Murmu on her victory in the Presidential Election 2022. I hope — indeed, every Indian hopes — that as the 15th President of India she functions as the Custodian of the Constitution without fear or favour. I join my fellow countrymen in extending best wishes to her,” read Yashwant Sinha’s statement, the opposition candidate.

The NDA’s selection of Ms. Murmu—a former governor of Jharkhand and a tribal woman from Odisha—broke the opposition and welcomed non-aligned parties like Jaganmohan Reddy’s YSR Congress and Naveen Patnaik’s Biju Janata Dal. The move is also seen as a powerful political statement to the tribal community, who recently appeared to be disenchanted with the BJP.

The voting results also show a sizable amount of cross-voting in Ms. Murmu’s favour by opposition MPs and MLAs. While parties have publicly stated their support for one candidate over another, there are no consequences for voting for both candidates in the presidential election.

The BJP claimed that opposition MLAs broke ranks with their parties in various states, despite the fact that there is currently no hard data on the number of cross-voting. “Smt Droupadi Murmu polled 104 votes compared to NDA’s original strength of 79 in the 126 member Assam Assembly. 2 absent,” Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, tweeted.

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