There is Good News for Ration Card Holders, the Government again increased Free Ration

ration card good news

Ration Card: You must be aware that during the Corona period, the government had run a free ration facility for economically weak people. After this, this plan kept moving forward from time to time and has reached the present time. Now reports are coming that the government has taken this scheme further. If seen in this way, the people whose ration cards are made by the government. They will definitely benefit from this.

How long has this plan been extended

Let us inform you that the scheme of free ration was about to be closed a few days ago but it has been started again. It is being told that this scheme has been extended till December 2022. If seen in this way, till the month of December, people holding ration cards can now take advantage of free ration. Apart from this, another order has also come from the government. About which we are telling you here.

Ration card will not be cancelled

You must have heard that some time back such news had come to the fore that the ration cards of some people would be cancelled. But the government in its second order has proved such reports wrong. The government says that no such order has been given by the government. Also read, Himachal Pradesh Ration Card holders will get Half Kilo More Ration from Next Month

On the other hand, the Food Commissioner has also said that “who had spread such rumors, it should be found out and legal action should be taken against such people.” The government says that according to the National Food Act 2013, there is no such provision. In which any kind of recovery can be done from the ration card holder. If seen in this way, the government has made it clear in its second order that no recovery will be made from any ration card holder and no person’s ration card will be cancelled.

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