WhatsApp New Features 2022: Privacy become more secure

whatsapp new feature

Users of WhatsApp can now read their messages without exposing their online status. They can also leave a group without informing other members. In such circumstances, only the group administrator will be informed of the member’s departure. Users will be able to disable the screenshot option for messages they send, according to a statement released by the Facebook-owned company on Tuesday. While the first two features will be rolled out this month, the third feature, which will be introduced once tested, will allow users to disable the screenshot option for messages they send.

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WhatsApp New Features 2022

Under the first new feature, users will be able to choose who can view them when they are online. Even if a user has disabled the blue checkmarks, which indicate that a message has been read, senders may currently determine whether or not the recipient is online.

Similarly, the second feature of leaving the group secretly will increase privacy, as all group members can currently see who has left the group. Members who do not wish for the entire group to be notified of their departure must now enable the new function, and only the group administrator will be informed.

The third function, which is currently being evaluated and will be released later, enables users to leave no digital imprint. Currently, it is also available in the form of a vanishing message, but the recipient can take a screenshot of it and save it for future reference. Once the new feature is implemented, the sender will have the option to prevent recipients from capturing screenshots of such messages.

According to the corporation, the introduction of additional privacy-related capabilities is based on research into the importance of privacy when having meaningful interactions via messaging. According to WhatsApp, some of the findings of the global survey are as follows: 72% of people value the ability to talk candidly and uncensored, yet 47% are only comfortable doing so in a safe, private setting. Compared to emails, texts, and social media, they regard the privacy of their private messages as the most important online.

According to a new claim, WhatsApp will soon provide enhanced notification when a user exits a group discussion.

Second, when they require more privacy, 51% of people want to remain anonymous online so they may pick with whom they communicate. The final finding is that 91 percent of those who are aware of blocking characteristics believe they are essential.

“At WhatsApp, we are committed to developing product features that provide users greater control and privacy over their messages. No other worldwide messaging service offers this level of protection for its users’ messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat backups. WhatsApp’s head of product, Ami Vora, stated that WhatsApp is the most secure platform for private conversations.

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and CEO of Meta, stated, “We will continue to develop new methods to keep your messages as private and safe as face-to-face interactions.”


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