Bike Finance Plan: Own a KTM RC 125 for just Rs 25,000 Down Payment and Affordable EMIs

The KTM RC 125, a standout in the sports bike segment, is making its premium performance accessible to a wider audience with an enticing finance plan. This motorcycle, known for its aggressive design and thrilling speed, has a starting price of Rs 1.89,542 (ex-showroom, Delhi), but thanks to this new finance offer, you can take one home for just Rs 25,000 down payment.

KTM RC 125 Price and Features

The KTM RC 125 boasts a starting price of Rs 1.89,542 (ex-showroom, Delhi), which translates to Rs 2,16,469 on the road.This sports bike comes with an single cylinder engine that makes 14.5 PS of power and 12 Nm of peak torque. A 5-speed gearbox complements its performance, and it’s certified by ARAI for a mileage of 41 kilometers per liter, making it an attractive choice for bike enthusiasts.

Affordable Finance Plan

For those who dream of owning this exhilarating machine but don’t have the immediate budget, there’s a finance plan that allows you to bring the KTM RC 125 home with just Rs 25,000 down payment. According to the details provided by an online finance calculator, if you can manage the initial down payment, the bank may approve a loan of Rs 1,91,469 with a 9.7 percent annual interest rate.

Once the loan amount is approved, you’ll need to deposit the Rs 25,000 as the down payment for the bike. Subsequently, you’ll be required to make manageable monthly EMIs of Rs 6,151 for 36 months as per the bank’s terms.

Making Premium Biking Accessible

This finance plan is set to make the KTM RC 125 accessible to a broader range of enthusiasts. With the rising cost of premium sports bikes, this opportunity to own one of the finest machines in the 125cc segment with a modest down payment and affordable EMIs is indeed enticing for bike lovers. This bike has amazing style, performance, and efficiency, and the KTM RC 125 gives riders an adrenaline experience on the roads.

The finance plan not only simplifies the purchase process but also ensures that owning this premium sports bike is now a realistic aspiration for many.

So, if you’ve been eyeing the KTM RC 125 and thought it was out of your reach, think again. With a down payment of just Rs 25,000, you could soon be hitting the streets on this extraordinary sports bike, living your dream of owning a KTM.

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